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James Talks Tan

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Hello Fellow tanners!  I had a great start to spring when earlier this month I took part in the press launch event for Blow Out Ibiza with the Fake Bake team. It was a great day in Soho where I got the chance to demo a bespoke spray tan and answer questions from other brand ambassadors, from brilliant brands such as bare minerals, who also take part in the treatments over in Ibiza.   If you are planning a trip to the White Isle this summer folks, be sure to hit up Blow Out and book a Fake Bake spray tan, cause let’s face it, not many of us see the sun in Ibiza! 

I was then off to NYC for a holiday.  I try and get to NY as often as I can as it's the city I would most like to live and work in. Last year I had a pop up shop at the W Downtown. It was an amazing opportunity to gauge the tanning market in the US. My tanning appointments even made the New York Post!

Tanning is perceived a little different over in NY compared to the UK market. I found  that there is not as much emphasis on finding the perfect tan there. A lot of salons around the city that have sun beds, also offer the spray tanning treatment, but usually in the automated booth setting. Yes just think Ross from Friends. 

My concept of tailoring the tan to people's skin type and occasion was met with interest from the press and public, and whist I was in NY last week I had the opportunity to meet with the Daily Mail online US beauty team. I brought up a lot of questions and answers that spray tan clients should be asking their therapist, when it comes to getting their spray tan. I am delighted to include the article here. 


I'm off back to NY this June, to Fake Bake some editors and beauty writers. I like the thought of making the tanning experience enjoyable and creating perfect results, that will change the American perception of self-tanning. 

For those of you who are thinking of a long weekend in NYC I can't recommend it enough. Let me know if you need any breakfast, brunch, dinner and cocktail recommendations. It's was my 39th trip there! 

J xx

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