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James Talks Tan

Ask yourself this…

How much would you love a job that’s fun, flexible and rewarding?

A job where you decide the hours you work and how much you earn?

One that allows you to work, part or a full time?



One of my favourite seasons is Awards Season. I love seeing movie stars on the red carpet. I can always tell what is a good tan. I like to see the fusion of fashion with tanned skin and it's a great early trend set for the rest of the year.  

This year is all bout the highlighted tan. Less contoured and more gleam than glitz 

The most immaculate tan at this years Golden Globes goes to Emily Ratajkowski. Her seamless golden hue was perfect for her yellow gown by Reem Acra and she showed just how to wear a dark but effective tan.  

I was lucky enough to get the call to tan some A listers for this year’s Baftas, as well as tanning press for the red carpet. I'm always confident with my spray tans but this is where my work is on show to millions worldwide so I always examine ankles, wrists, underarms to ensure the finish is perfect. These are areas many of us struggle with when tanning ourselves or getting a pro tan. At my FB Masterclass I share my unique technique for the perfect inner arm and ankle. 

Many of you may have watched The Brits 17 recently. I tanned the presenter Emma Willis using our Gold solution. I was thrilled with the results as the feedback on Emma’s look was incredible. She really is one of the nicest people I've ever worked with. 

What celeb do you think has had the best red carpet tan of late?  Let me know and I can tell you what Fake Bake product would help you achieve this!   

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