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About us

Fake Bake - the self-tan for everyBODY…

We pride ourselves on being the world’s largest independent self-tan company, which means we are the absolute experts in our field - self-tanning is our passion.

What is our brand about? We have over 25 years’ experience in product development and we are lucky that we collaborate with an exclusive lab: we control everything from product concept to final production. That means we can use our latest cutting edge technologies to ensure that you have a whole product portfolio of self-tans to choose from. Our naturally-sourced, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly formulas cover a wide range of skin tones and types: if you want to glow up, then Fake Bake has a self-tan to suit you.

Fake Bake is renowned in the industry for creating self-tans which give you a natural skin finish. We came to the market right at the beginning of the self-tan revolution with the aim of making products that gave anything but a ‘fake’ finish. No streaks. No orange. The whole Fake Bake range of self-tans is designed to glide on seamlessly, whether you want to look like you’ve had a short stay in Ibiza to a fortnight in Bali, whatever your location: no passport required.

Since the development of our first groundbreaking and award-winning self-tan, Original, we have gone on to produce a range which now includes a plethora of formulas from gels, to mousses, to fine sprays, to water finishes. Fake Bake customers are savvy and market aware, but they don’t require gimmicks. They simply want a wardrobe of self-tans to choose from, to suit their skin, and their required fashion finish.

We are so proud at Fake Bake of the professional arm of our business. We use our know-how to produce the very best in pro-tanning formulas, finishes and tanning equipment. Our professional training services are well established and popular. New recruits come to us to learn from the ground up and experienced pro-tanners show up to hone their skills and acquire new formula knowledge. We have developed wonderful and long-lasting relationships with professional tanners and salons for two decades.

Fake Bake are keen for all clients to prep perfectly before their chosen self-tan, and then maintain it with ease, and so we also have our own range of complimentary products so that your tan is easy to apply, and lasts long and only fades naturally.

We pride ourselves on being a democratic brand, and we enjoy working with clients from every walk of life, whether they be A-listers on Hollywood red carpets, or rising stars on the celebrity scene. We work actively on social media to engage with our client base and feature noted names who reflect exactly who our customers want to see. From high-end fashion glossies, to London Fashion Week, to reality TV, to influencers and social media stars, we also feature customers who enjoy using Fake Bake. Our two Real Women campaigns have featured Fake Bake fans who have all had extraordinary personal stories.

In James Harknett, we have a Global Creative Consultant with an unrivalled presence in the industry. With over 20 years of experience in the world of self-tanning, James leads the charge when it comes to representing the brand in the press and online. He’s also an experienced professional tanner in his own right, and works with well known names from all areas of the media. From Emma Willis to David Gandy to fresh, up-and-coming names, James creates the perfect, editorial Fake Bake self-tan.

We are super-proud of our TV work. We have been working BTS at ‘Dancing On Ice’ for ITV for several seasons, as well as being the Official Tanner at the National Television Awards. When it comes to Award ceremonies, we have worked at so many of note, from the MTV EMA’s Europe, to the BRITs to the MOBOs. We got involved with the huge wave of reality TV from the off, and have worked regularly with the featured stars of TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore and Love Island. From high-end to pop culture, we are there to keep everyone tanned - Flawlessly!

As well as tanning superstars for Awards, we also have won a few of our own and have been first-to-market with so many innovations which may have been imitated, but quite simply, never equalled.