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We are all in the pursuit of flawless skin, with many of us opting for a quick filter fix to perfect our imperfections. It is rare to see a selfie that hasn’t been altered to give the appearance of smoother, softer or more youthful looking skin! With this in mind we have created this two-step beauty routine that will allow you to dare to bare this Summer and hashtag all your pics #NoFilter

Kit contains:

Our ‘filter’ for your skin, this cult primer creates the perfect canvas for your tan to glide onto.  Infusing the skin with a soft glow and providing an illuminating base to give your tan a radiant lift from within.

The perfect golden complexion is just a spray away with our luxurious vanilla scented instant tanning liquid.  Containing Vitamin A, cucumber and green tea – it works to even out irregular skin tones whilst being non-transferrable.  This is the ultimate #InstaTan product!

Kabuki Brush
Our velvety soft Kabuki brush allows you to buff and blend your tan to a flawlessly professional finish.

Click Here to watch our application video.

Step 1: Apply Blurfection Primer to the centre of your face and use gentle, circular motions to blend it outwards using your fingertips. Work the product evenly into your skin so you get smooth, even coverage. Make sure you blend it up to your hairline and over your neck as well.

Step 2: Spritz Perfection Instant Tan Liquid directly onto Kabuki Brush, using circular motions blend the Perfection from the centre of your face outwards. Repeat one spritz at time until desired tan is achieved.

* To add contour, spritz a little Perfection directly onto your Kabuki brush – pout and blend the product directly into the hollows under your cheeks.