James Talks Tan


These days we are not just seasonal tanners. As winter approaches there's no better time to fake it. The fact our bodies may not have seen natural sunshine and with party season coming up, many of us are reaching for Fake Bake as winter hits. Here are some winter tanning hacks, in response to FAQs from you lovely lot, to ensure you are flawlessly Fake Baked this season.

Q1) I applied evenly but it's still a little patchy and paler in places ?

A) This common problem is not normally down to the application or choice of tanning product. Tan will cling evenly to the skin but body lotions, moisturiser, oil based exfoliants and even hair removal wax can leave a barrier on the skin. It's constantly written that it's crucial to moisturise before tanning. This is like mixing paint with water! Only moisturise sparingly on the dry areas. Avoid to much on the knees as this thins out your self-tanner, and can be a real cause of streaks.

Therefore exfoliate with our brand new body polish (launching early next month) created for pre-tanning. It leaves you with a soft clear base for a seamless tan application.

Q2) How do I stop my tan separating on the skin and breaking down too early or patchy?

A) Tanning maintenance is essential for an even fade. With care and attention your spray tan or self-tan can fade off gradually like a real holiday colour. First stop the baths. Have warm showers and wrap your towel around the body, patting softly. Being vigorous with your towel will naturally buff the tan away early. Moisturise twice a day. Our oil free body moisturiser is designed to nourish the skin and prevent tanning break up from dehydration (stay tuned as this will be launched early next month!) Use twice a day and see how much better your tan fades.

Q3) My tan gets patchy in between the breasts and where my sports bra rubs whilst working out. Is there anything I can do about this?

A) The new Fake Bake Flawless Travel Survival kit will be your best friend this winter. It's not only exercise that can wear the tan away prematurely. Day to day living, natural oils on our skin, bathing and dehydration caused by cold weather and central heating all play a part in tan fading in certain areas. The Papaya based exfoliating wipe in the kit allows you to rub out patchy tan marks and slight wear off, leaving the skin clear and clean, ready for a handy tanning touch up with the tanning towelette. The fact that the towelette is tinted allows you to see where you are filling in and tanning. This is ideal for the gal that spins and hot yogas. Just sprinkle a little talc into the sports bra before working out too to create slip and movement.

Q4) I carefully used a mitt to tan but I woke up with stained palms! Why has this happened?

A) This common issue is caused by laying on our hands during the night or touching our tanned skin whilst we sleep. Apart from wearing some cotton gloves the best thing to do is try a salt scrub. This will tone down any unwanted stains and rub a little whitening toothpaste over any stubborn marks.

Q5) My tan tends to collect around the arm pit area and go scaly and dry. What can I do to prevent this?

A) Try to avoid applying to much tan in this area. A quick sharp blast of Fake Bakes classic Airbrush mist works a treat in these areas. Also a roll on deodorant is much kinder on the tan than a spray can deodorant.

Q6) Can I ditch the tights last minute? I'm so pale and don't have time to do a full self-tan, what would you recommend?

A) This is where an instant tan comes in super handy. All you will need is your moisturiser and Fake Bake Bronzer wash of tan. First, prime the skin with a thin layer of oil free moisturiser, this will help the instant tanner to slide evenly and fast across the skin. Simply gently spread the luxe lotion down the thighs and watch your legs transform into golden glowing pins. The formula dries lightning fast, so you don't have to worry about it sticking to clothes. You can also build the colour to your desired shade and plus there's no commitment to the colour. Just a warm shower will wash it away. This is body make up for a seamless colour.

As always Fake Bakers, please don’t hesitate to message me with any tanning SOS’ you may have. Catch me on insta @jamesharknettofficial

With love, James x