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Perfecting Your Glow Up


Here at Fake Bake, we have over two decades of experience in developing and innovating self-tans which work effectively to give you the perfect glow up. Our ranges are designed to suit a variety of skin tones and types, to give you the ultimate choice in selecting your own skin finish. Each Fake Bake self-tan has its own unique blend of tanning agents, to ensure you get a natural-looking, seamless glow. Our Global Creative Consultant, James Harknett, is our kind of expert when it comes to the ultimate in self-tanning tips and advice. Follow his advice to get a pro Fake Bake result, every time you tan.

Welcome to James Harknett’s Fake Bake 8!

prep perfection

1 Prep Perfection

Preparing your skin is like creating the perfect canvas and is the first step to creating a beautiful Fake Bake self-tan. If you are going to wax or shave, make sure this is done 24 hours before, and then use an oil-free, gentle exfoliator to prep skin, which also needs to be free of oils, perfumes and deodorants. Don’t skimp on this step, it really is a forward investment and pay close attention to drier areas of skin like elbows, knees and ankles. You can also apply an oil-free moisturiser or mist-spray here to create an even surface so that drier areas tan naturally.

prep perfection

2 Pick the right Fake Bake formula

Gone are the days when we used the same product over and again - so many of us pick and choose depending on the finish we require, whether it be a light, golden glow or a deeply bronzed result. However, it pays to know your skin tone and type well. If you have drier skin you may want to stick with a lotion or serum formula, and if you have normal to oily skin, a lighter formula or water finish could be more suitable. Most of our self-tans are designed to develop over several hours, and letting them work overnight gives your skin a chance to relax whilst Fake Bake does the work! Our 60 Minutes tan is the one to reach for if you are busy or get a last minute invitation. If you are new to self-tanning, keep an eye out for our products that have their own colour guide. This means the product is already tinted so you can see where you are applying it - genius!

prep perfection

3 Get ready with a Fake Bake mitt

Our premium quality Fake Bake self-tans are formulated to work like a professional tan, so a little does go a long way. Our Fake Bake accessories mean that using a mitt designed for pro-tanners, allows you to work from toe-to-top, gliding the product over your skin for even coverage. My advice here is to take your time and see this step as a real beauty indulgence. Practice always makes perfect, and your confidence will build over time, and Fake Bake’s foolproof formulas make the tanning task an easy one from first application.

prep perfection

4 Camera-ready hands & feet

The perfect Fake Bake self-tan mimics the effects of the sun - without the sun damage, naturally! So your aim is to recreate the look for a just-got-back-from-Maldives finish, and no-one will know that you’re all about the faux! Firstly, you tan your feet as part of your toe-to-top approach, and it pays to really go steadily here. Gently skim the product over the tops of your feet, and toes, to create a sun-kissed finish, without taking too much product down past the ankles. Less is definitely more in this area.

Hands can be a real giveaway so treat them with self-tanning TLC! Use only a small amount of tan on the backs of your hands, and make sure the product stays away from your palms. Then finally use a damp face cloth or linen to wipe gently between toes and fingers so that you are left with a perfectly professional finish.

prep perfection

5 Wait while your Fake Bake tan develops

We all love instant finishes in beauty but with a Fake Bake self-tan, it really does pay to be patient. Letting your tan develop overnight is usually the best way forward, as you are guaranteeing that nothing interferes with your tan development. Any contact with water is a no-no, too. Wear something loose and comfortable without any rigid edges or seams, and rest away knowing you are going to wake up looking like you’ve been on a luxe holiday.

prep perfection

6 Let your face join in the Fake Bake action

We developed Fake Bake The Face to be especially kind and gentle to facial skin. If you are a skincare fanatic, the advice is to give your skin a breather from active ingredients like retinoids and AHAs for one evening when you plan on using The Face, and let the peptides in our patented Matrixyl-3000© hydrate your skin as the tanning agents develop. Apply to perfectly clean, prepped facial skin and neck and leave to develop overnight.

prep perfection

7 Keep it glowing

After all of that wonderful work, you will now have the Fake Bake self-tan of your dreams, and it really is worth a little extra effort to keep your tan looking good. Avoid hot baths and long showers, and apply an oil-free moisturiser to ‘seal’ in your tan. All of our formulas are designed to fade naturally and evenly. Keep your tan moisturised over following days for the perfect tan pay off.

prep perfection

8 A little extra help

Our Fake Bake Tan Corrector and Eraser is there if you do make any application mistakes, and is also great to have on hand when your self-tan process is ready to start again. This little wonder melts away any previous tan, to give you that little extra assistance.

You’ve followed the Fake Bake 8, and you are really are good to glow - perfectly!