Save Your Skin




Let’s face it, sun safety isn’t something people tend to take too seriously in the U.K. We don’t experience majorly high temperatures during the summer months for long periods (gutter, we know!), so it's easy to understand why we think we don’t need to wear sunscreen, or put too much importance on it when we are in sunnier climates. But we do!

But here’s the facts about skin cancer that you need to know…


Fake Bake are long standing advocates of promoting sun safety to our customers. Did you know that it was Fake Bake's UK founder and #BossBabe Sandra Vaughan, who pushed a petition through Downing Street to increase the age limit on sunbed use to 18 years old back in 2006. Sandra was successful and educating customers on sun safety has been super important to us ever since.

So we say why damage the health of your skin in the pursuit of a tan when there are products on the market for every skin tone and type? And premium products at that, which are packed full of skin loving ingredients with anti-oxidant and anti-ageing benefits…

That’s where we come in! Stay tuned this month when we will be bringing you an array of unmissable offers as part of the Save Your Skin campaign encouraging you to fake it, not bake it all year long!
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