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She's Shady Kit

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She's Shady Kit

The industries first barrier cream safe for your face and finally a way to avoid an over-tan face after spray tanning. It's time to start making your spray tan work for you..

"She's Shady" Barrier Stick allows you to control the amount of spray tan that develops on your face. This allows you to create subtle contours instead of a flat single shade! Similar to barrier creams that you apply to your hands and feet, "She's Shady" reduces the amount of colour build-up in the areas you apply it. We recommend applying it on your under eyes, bridge of nose, and top of cheeks where you would normally want to appear highlighted. As your tan appears, it appears only where you want it.

Never fear waking up to an over-tanned face again!

Airbrush skin to totally tanned perfection with this super spray on tan – the type of airbrushing that everyone loves! The fast-drying formula will develop in 4-6 hours and the refined 360˚ nozzle gives a continuous spray that works at any angle, so say goodbye to any white patches and hello to salon-worthy results!